Mathematics CBSE Class X Chapter-Wise ChartBook (letstute)

This Chart Book on Maths has been designed for the students of Class 10th CBSE Board. It would act as a quick reference guide for class 10 students and would help students for their last-minute revision as the entire chapter is summarized in multiple charts. 


1) Real numbers

2) Polynomial

3) Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

4) Quadratic Equations

5) Arithmetic Progression

6) Triangles

7) Coordinate Geometry

8) Introduction to Trigonometry

9) Some Application of Trigonometry

10) Circles

11) Constructions

12) Areas Related to Circles

13) Surface Areas and Volumes

14) Statistics and

15) Probability This Chart Book covers:

1. Definitions

2. Formulae Table

3. Important Theorem and Properties

4. Points to Remember

5. Some QR codes to watch videos for detailed explanation QR codes when scanned with mobile scanner take to our YouTube channel 'Letstute' where he/she can watch our free videos (need internet connection) on the topic. We have 100+ videos which are accessible on several other platforms as described in the back cover of this Booklet.