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Paper Presentation Tips For Students

Check out our video on "Paper Presentation Tips For Science"

A one stop guidance to Improvise your Science Paper Presentation during your board exams.

There are different tips, Do's & Don'ts which will help you to score full marks in exams.

Exam Preparation Tips | How to Prepare Well in Exam

This Video is categorize into three parts:
Things to Do Few Months Before Examsf. On The Day of Your Examg. Just A Day Before Your Exams

Human Health & Disease

Every human being is the author of his/her own health and disease.
This video is intended towards educating individuals about the concept of health and disease to increase control over their health and empower them towards healthy behaviors in order to reduce the risk of developing harmful diseases.

Amazing Trick To Understand Mensuration Formulae

In this session we will get to know all the mathematics mensuration formulas. All in one i.e cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, cone, frustum.

Introduction to Partnership Firm

This video explains the following concepts :
Basics of Partnership
Adjustments in Capital Accounts
Presentation of Profit & Loss Accounts
Methods of Capital Accounts